This is 1505 Escalante Ave SW. The developer plans to tear the house and the old growth trees down. 

Plans are to build two townhouses like these on the single family lot at 1505 Escalante. Rendering provided by Eagle Run Development. 


The developer plans to rezone "1505" from R-1C to R-T so that two townhouses could be built where one single family house now stands. This would chip away at the edge of our neighborhood, and change the character of the street. The L-shaped lot zoned R-T and bordering "1505" is the vacant lot where the developer plans to build nine townhouses.

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Friends of Escalante

As of October 10, 2019, we've won the rezoning fight. What follows is the original text regarding our opposition. There is still work to be done. Please JOIN US to learn more & to provide input.

We are a group of concerned neighbors who oppose a rezoning request for 1505 Escalante Avenue. A developer has plans to tear down the existing single family house and old growth trees, replacing them with two townhouses if the rezoning is approved. This will become part of a larger development of an empty lot already zoned for nine townhouses located along Alcalde and across from the KOB TV station.

The proposed zone change would negatively impact the character of our street and our neighborhood. The townhouses with their increased mass and density, small set-backs, and lack of garden space are not consistent with the established character of the adjacent houses. The development would change not only the look of the street, but also would result in reduced privacy for adjacent neighbors.


Zoning changes set precedents. The empty lot is already zoned for townhouses, but approval of this additional zoning change will move development up the block and will chip away at the character of the neighborhood. Other single-family lots may become targets for similar zoning changes. This area is particularly vulnerable because it is on the edge of the Huning Castle neighborhood.

We are happy to announce the HCNA (Huning Castle Neighborhood Association) has voted to oppose the rezoning in support of our efforts. Thank you to the more than 40 neighbors who attended the HCNA meetings in opposition to the rezoning.

Steering Committee Members:

Deborah Christenson

David Crawford

Gail Evans

Bob Hartmann

Lisa Hartmann

Elaine Hebard

Lee Laney

Judy Miller

Michael Miller

Dineen Tupa


This Google satellite image depicts the equal setbacks on the 1500 block of Escalante and shows the gardens/yards in the front & back of the houses.

Friends of Escalante

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