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Deadline - October 9, 2019


Eagle Run Development submitted its application on August 26, 2019, to the Abq Planning Department requesting the rezoning of 1505 Escalante from R-1 to R-T so that the developer can tear down this Pueblo Revival single-family home and replace it with 2 large duplexes or townhomes. Whitney Phelan is the planner assigned.


Send an email or letter to Wendy Phelan at the Planning Department about your opposition of the rezoning. It will be included in the packet reviewed by the Commission. Personal letters by members of the community are given significant weight in decision making. 

Step 1: Copy the following email text to Whitney. You can modify it later.

Dear Whitney,

I oppose the rezoning of 1505 Escalante from R-1C to R-T. This would allow Eagle Run Development to tear down the existing home and replace it with two duplexes or townhomes. 

I oppose the rezoning because:

    • Zoning changes set precedents. The empty lot is already zoned for townhouses, but approval of this additional zoning change will move development up the block and will chip away at the character of the neighborhood. Other single-family lots may become targets for similar zoning changes. This area is particularly vulnerable because it is on the edge of the Huning Castle neighborhood.
    • The project is not consistent with the history and character of the Huning Castle neighborhood.
    • The overall size and density of the townhomes is out of keeping with the low density, single family homes on Escalante.
    • The Setbacks of adjacent existing homes on the block are 30-50 feet. The required setback for R-T is only 10 feet. Duplexes or townhomes will significantly alter the streetscape and sight lines, of this quiet, tree-lined street. It reduce the privacy and views of adjacent neighbors.
    • Homes in the neighborhood have front and back gardens and mature trees. The townhouses will have no garden space. The only recreational areas will be patio space above the garage.
    • 1505 has always been zoned R-1. There is no need to tear it down and to destroy the old growth trees on the property.
    • The motivation for this rezoning request is for economic gain.


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Step 2: Click here to email Whitney Phelan, Albuquerque City Planner.

Step 3: Paste & then modify the text you copied from above. Please personalize it!

Step 4: Send the email. 


You can also snail mail a letter to:

Whitney Phelan, Planner                              

Albuquerque Planning Department

600 2ndStreet BW, 3rd floor

Albuquerque, NM, 87102


Case #R2-2019-00056 / Project #PR-2019-002802

Thank you!

Friends of Escalante

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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